How to Clean a Kitchen

A kitchen should always be kept clean for the health good of you and your family. Used day-old dishes and spoiled food can turn into a source of different diseases. Cleaning your kitchen on regular basis will keep germs away from your home. It is not just limited to dish washing, and disposing of old food, but also maintaining kitchen appliances, cleaning countertops, windows and other nooks and crannies of the kitchen. Follow these tips, shared by St John’s Wood cleaners, to ensure a clean and tidy kitchen:

  1. Gather everything that hasn’t place in the kitchen such as toys, newspapers, magazines, etc. in a basket and get it out of the kitchen.
  2. Make sure you have all needed on hand such as cleansers, washing cloths, rubber gloves, scrubbers, sponges, mop, broom, soap and vacuum cleaner before you begin cleaning.
  3. Fill up your kitchen sink with warm water and dissolve some dish-washing liquid in it. Soak any greasy and dirty dishes you have into the soapy water.
  4. Put your kitchen in order while the dishes are soaking by putting everything on its original place. Make it a habit to return things where they belong after using them to save yourself time when organizing your kitchen later on.
  5. Wash the soaked dishes into the dishwasher, or by hand if you don’t own a dishwasher. Ask your family to help if the dishes are too many. For speeding the process of dish-washing, split the work between your family members on rinsing, drying and storing.
  6. Use a cleanser specialized for grease to remove oil stains that have stuck on your stove. Wipe your sink and stovetop regularly to prevent grime from accumulating.
  7. Clean the cabinets and appliances by wiping them with a soft cloth moistened with a good cleanser.
  8. Vacuum the kitchen floor to get rid of any loosen dirt and debris, then mop it with a mixture of liquid disinfectant and water, as suggested by St John’s Wood cleaners.
  9. Finally, dispose of the garbage and take a deserved rest.

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