How to Clean a Jacuzzi Tub?

Jacuzzi tubs offer a relaxation and invigoration at the same time. Those kind of tubs may be found in expensive cribs, luxurious hotels and spa resorts and in the same time in beach bars or clubs. Truly Jacuzzis don’t come very cheap, so if you purchased one you should do your best to keep it clean, so to receive the best of your investment. Cleaning a jacuzzi is not as easy as it looks, there are many little details which a person should take onto consideration, if he is not relying on pro cleaning services, such as vacate cleaning Melbourne for instance.

As any other tub, jacuzzi tubs are prone to scale and lime buildups and residue soap, if you like soapy bubbles while taking a bath. The measures which a person should take when cleaning a jacuzzi depend on the type of material the tub is made of. Some are made of stone, others from fiberglass, there are even wooden models in some hotels. You have to know the material of the surface you are cleaning, for example – if cleaning fiberglass do not use an abrasive cleaning material. Scrubbing roughly the smooth surface will cause scratches and you will not be pleased from the after effects.

The spouts which cause the water circulation and the water pressure massage, tend to get mildew and mold buildups around them. Nothing that some bleach can’t deal with. Spray some bleach around every spout and let it sit for a few hours. Bleach is sure to kill both mold and mildew and any signs of other bacteria or germs. If there are some crevices which are hard to reach you may use a toothbrush, or a Q-tip to help you clean the dirt.

Okay, so there is on thing left to do – to ensure the cleanliness of the whole tub. Clearly there are many parts of the tub which attract germs so a way to get rid of the remaining bacteria is by filling the whole tub with water, and adding a gallon of bleach. After adding the bleach, run the jacuzzi for 15 minutes or so and all the germs should be annihilated.

Taking in mind that Jacuzzis are counted as a luxurious item, many owners of such tubs rely on professional cleaners to keep their jacuzzi clean. Cleaners St Kilda is a trustworthy company which will surely make your jacuzzi shine in no time.

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