How to Clean a Fireplace

Winter is already here and it is time for you to light the fireplace at home. And before you do that, you have to clean the area. However, if you have never used the fireplace before, then there a few things that you should learn first in order to handle this task as successfully as possible.

To be able to create a safe and efficient fire, you need to clean your fireplace regularly. According to Domestic Cleaners in London to remove the creosote (the flammable tar-like material that collects inside your chimney) you need to call a specialist, especially if you do not want to set your home on fire. When cleaning your fireplace, do not forget to clean its accessories, as well. And in the next lines I will give you a few useful tips on how to clean a fireplace as effectively as possible.

1. It would be good to remove any dust, dirt and aches over the hearth area weekly by using your vacuum cleaner. Do not forget to get rid of the soot build-up as well. Vacuuming and sweeping are not recommended until all the embers are cool.

2. To set up a good fire you need to use only well-dried, seasoned wood. Hire a professional to take a look at the firebox, chimney and flue for any collected creosote, at least once a year.

3. One very smart trick that you can apply when cleaning your fireplace is to damp an enough amount of coffee grounds and sprinkle them over the cooled ashes. This way you will be able to keep down the dust.

4. It is strongly NOT recommended to use an abrasive cleaner when cleaning the inside of your fireplace. Most commercial abrasive detergents leave residue that in a combination with the flames from your fireplace can cause some fatal damages.

How to Clean the Firebox

Firebox is the area where the fire burns. Usually fireboxes are made of fire-brick or metal sheeting. The good news are that it is pretty easy to maintain your firebox clean. Take a clean, stiff-bristle brush and start gently scrubbing the firebox’ walls with it. Scrub just to the lintel. Lintel is a brace (usually made of steam), supporting the masonry placed over the fireplace opening. You should be very careful when cleaning your firebox. Otherwise you can ruin its good functionality. If your fireplace does not have a firebox you need to collect the ashes in a garbage bag and then vacuum the area in order to remove any remaining ashes.

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