How to Clean a Bedroom

The bedroom is usually the place where we’d like to rest and relax after a long, exhausting day. But to keep the relaxing atmosphere in our bedroom, a thorough cleaning should be done occasionally. Cleaning a bedroom is not that exhausting and time-consuming job as it might seem at first. All you need is some organization and the right cleaning supplies, and you will be able to restore the charm of your bedroom in no time.

  1. Collect all the things that don’t belong in your bedroom in a basket or laundry bag and take them out of the bedroom. Then gather all the things you will need to clean your bedroom. This includes a vacuum cleaner, glass cleaner and trash can.
  2. If there are any object, such as toys, magazines , books, food items and so on, lying around your bedroom, pick them up and store them on more appropriate place. If those objects are too much, use a basket to gather them in.
  3. Put all dirty sheets, curtains, towels, comforters and etc. in a hamper. You can launder these later.
  4. Take any pieces of furniture that are not affixed or too heavy out of the bedroom.  Try to move your bed and closets around so that you can clean up the entire area.
  5. Use a feather duster or soft cloth to dust ceiling, walls, corners, fans, accent lamps and other areas where dust and debris can accumulate. Don’t forget to dust off the decorative items and knick-knacks. To remove finger prints from different surfaces, cleaners Balham suggest using a damp cloth.
  6. Wipe down you r drawers and chest with a soft cloth. Use a glass cleaner to clean your mirrors.
  7. Vacuum your mattress from both sides. For even wear, consider flipping the mattress on every six to nine months.
  8. Wipe the interior of your closets with a damp cloth, then dry off with a dry cloth. Make sure to remove everything from the closet before cleaning it, you don’t want to stain your clothes.
  9. Replace the towels and curtains with clean ones, put fresh sheets on your bed, and you are ready with the cleaning of your bedroom.

If you have a carpet in your bedroom, that needs cleaning, consider using professional carpet cleaning services, such as cleaners Balham provide, to restore its beauty.

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