How to Clean a Bathroom

Bathroom cleaning is not the most exciting household cleaning task with all tiles, toilets and bathtubs that waiting for you to be scrubbed to shine and which can be very exhausting. However, we cannot afford to skip bathroom cleaning because of bacteria and germs that undoubtedly will appear in the very moment we stop cleaning our bathrooms.
Keeping a bathroom clean shouldn’t be that much work if it is done properly, and here are some steps to follow when cleaning your bathroom:

  1. Get everything you will need to clean the bathroom on hand, this includes cleaners, gloves, toilet brush, cloths, scrubbers, disinfectant wipes, mop and broom.
  2. Remove everything that is not fixed to a certain place, such as towels, rugs, toothbrushes, shower curtains, cosmetics and so on, out of the bathroom.
  3. Launder all dirty towels and curtains, and wash the rugs. You can hire professional carpet cleaning company to clean the rugs if they are too dirty. Store the clean things aside so they don’t interfere you while cleaning.
  4. Start with the shower area or bathtub. Pre-treat the bathtub with a heavy duty spray cleanser if it is too dirty. Use a suitable bathtub cleaning product that is available on the market as directed on its labels. Remove any hairs stuck in the drain using a drain cleaner. Scrub the area with a scrubber or stiff-bristle brush, then rinse it and wipe dry.
  5. Wash the tiles with a good tile cleaner and wipe them dry.
  6. Wipe the mirrors and counter tops with a glass cleaner using a soft cloth, and the sinks with disinfectant wipes.
  7. Use a quality toilet cleaner to clean the toilet. It is advisable to get a cleaner containing bleach that will kill all germs. Pour the cleaner into the basin of the toilet and let it sit for several minutes. Meanwhile, clean the seat, the lid and the edges of the toilet. Then, scrub the basin with a toilet brush to clean, and flush to rinse.
  8. Pour a disinfectant cleaner on a cloth and wipe the walls and cabinets.
  9. Sweep the floor with a broom, then mop it with disinfectant cleaner.
  10. Return everything you have removed from the bathroom to their original place, and spray around with a disinfectant to eliminate the last of the remaining germs.

If you don’t have time to clean your bathroom, consider using professional cleaning services to ensure bacteria-free environment of your home.

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