How to Clean a Bathroom Exhaust Fan Properly

You don’t need to have much technical knowledge to clean your bathroom exhaust fan successfully. It is advisable to clean your exhaust fan at least once an year to prevent dust and dirt from accumulating and eventually damaging the unit. Also, by cleaning the exhaust fan, the flow of air can be significantly increased which will result in better venting of steam and smells from the bathroom.
First, ensure your safety by turning off the power to the bathroom. Go to the main circuit box of your home and look for a switch labeled for your bathroom. Flip the switch to the “off” position, then check the power in your bathroom by turning on the light switch. If you are not sure which switch is for the bathroom, consider suspending the power to the entire house.
Once you have secured the power, it is time to clean your exhaust fan. Get a screwdriver or a drill and remove the screws that hold the outer vented cover of the unit. It is very possible your exhaust fan to have a lighting fixture attached as well, so make sure to hold the unit securely when removing its cover.
Place the vent cover on side and locate the exhaust fan blade. Figure out how the blade is attached to the item, whether it is with screws or attachments, then carefully remove these retainers and pull out the fan blade.
After the exhaust fan blade is out, use a small amount of window or mild kitchen cleaner to remove any dirt or build up debris from the both sides of the blades, as suggested by cleaners Rotherhithe. For the vent cover, make a solution of water and mild soap, then wipe clean and dry with paper towels or a soft cloth.
Finally, reinstall the exhaust fan in back order of the steps above, and turn on the power to your bathroom. It is a good idea when cleaning your exhaust fan to consider cleaning the entire bathroom.
For more cleaning tips and advices, you can turn to cleaners Rosehill. Although, they don’t clean units, such as bathroom exhaust fans, they would be able to provide very useful tips on how to get rid of some particular hard to remove stains.

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