How to Care For Your Watch

Most of the watches are very fine pieces of jewelry just as rings, necklaces and bracelets. They require a specific and regular care in order to retain their proper function and shiny look . The selection of a cleaning technique depends upon the type of watch that you own. You should be extremely careful in your final judgment as the smallest mistake can damage your expensive watch irreversibly.

Considering that cleaners Fulham provide the following tips on how to care for your watch:

The first thing you have to be aware of is the type of material of your watch band. Basically, the cleaning approach you have to use depends on your band material.

Take off the band from the watch dial, if possible. In case that is not possible you have to be extremely careful when working with liquids.
Prepare a cleaning solution from equal parts mild soap and water. Submerge your band in the solution. Cleaners sw6 professionals ask you to always keep in mind that this is technique appropriate only for bands made of metal.

Leave the band to soak for about five minutes in a shallow bowl or container.

After that take it out of the cleaning mixture and dry it with a jewelry polishing cloth or a lint-free cloth.

Bend and fold linked bands back and forth to clean down in nooks and cracks. These areas often harbor dead skin, dirt and skin oils.
Work with a toothpick to clean the grease from hard to reach area.

When you finish take a clean soft cloth and pat dry you band with it. In case there is any remaining moisture traces just lay your band flat and leave it to aid dry.

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