How to Care For Sofa Pillows

Sofa pillows are a simple addition to every sofa. Still, they can give a totally different look and sensation to an ordinary sofa. They are provided in all array of colors and design styles that can highlight the general look of a living room decor. In addition, they are not expensive at all. However, as a result of their frequent use they can get really dirty for no time, especially if you had guests at your place. Happily , restoring sofa pillows good condition is a really easy thing to be fulfilled and require minimum efforts.

Learn how to take a proper care for your sofa pillows from the following tips provided by cleaners Battersea :

To begin determine whether your pillows have covers which can be removed by unzipping or not . In case they have just take off the covers and put them in your washing machine for a quick refreshment.

However, if they don’t have adds , place aside each of the pillows individually from your sofa.

gently wipe down each sofa pillow with a dry towel or cloth. Ensure that each sofa pillow is free of debris or food particles.

Determine the material of your sofa pillows. Most sofa pillows are machine washable. Some (such as silk or linen pillows) are not.

Set aside any pillows which are made of non-washable materials like silk or linen.

Put the sofa pillows into a pillowcase. The pillowcase has a protective function against eventual damage which can be caused from the washing machine.

Turn on your washing machine. Set a gentle cycle with cold water wash.

Once the cycle is finished, take the sofa pillows from the pillowcase protector, and lay them on a blanket outdoors. It will be better to expose them on a direct sunlight for several hours as it kills bacteria. However, if the pillow colors are bright, just place them outdoors.

If the manufacturer instructions allows it, put your sofa pillows in your dryer for about half an hour. Set the lowest setting possible.

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