How to be familiar with symptoms of diabetes

Fewer than half of people with diabetes are aware that they are diabetic or seek diagnosis by physician. Early diagnosis and treatment is very crucial for pushing the disease at bay. So, it is very helpful for people to understand the alarming sign of diabetes, as it is a common lifelong disease that gnaws the organs of their body.

For those who believe that they have become victim of this disease, they should consult doctor as soon as possible; so that this can be resisted from further extending and creating further complication. Diabetes can be slow killer for the suffers, as this is potentially harmful to damage one organ to another of a corporal body.

But, now with medical progress, putting resistance to the advancement of diabetes has become possible. It is clinically proven that diabetes mellitus can be well restrained if symptoms of diabetes are diagnosed at earlier stages. Along with clinical treatment, diabetic patients are now aware that eating healthy, exercising regularly and taking prescribed medication can help them live longer and healthier. Having knowledge of the potential risk of the disease can help people continue with low recurring complications out of the disease.

1. Causes of the disease- Diabetes:-

World Health Organization has sound a warning across the globe that major section of our people are going to become victim of this disease. However, no clinical research has been able to cite specific reason of diabetes, although there are certain factors that can trigger the start of the disease. Those factors can be heredity, obesity, stressful profession, sedentary lifestyle, pregnancy, viral infections, and wrong or prolonged medications, among others. As a result, these can cause nervous system damage, renal failure, sexual dysfunction, eyesight loss, foot disorders, diabetic skin, stroke, heart and artery disease, high blood pressure and many more. People between the ages of 30 and of 40 years can be the primary victims of diabetes, and this is known as Type-2 diabetes. But, to the most horrific extent of thought, diabetes disease is now even prevalent in children, which is known as Type-1 diabetes. Clinical diagnoses and researches have blamed the poor diet and lifestyle choices besides consumption of alcohol to extreme limit and smoking.

2. Some common symptoms of diabetes :-

• Low energy and sleepiness
• Frequent urination
• Urine with distinct apple-like odor
• Extreme thirst and disproportionate hunger
• Disproportionate weight loss and weight gain
• Blurred vision
• Impatiently slow heal to cuts and bruises
• Itchy and numbness in hands and feet
• Unpredictable mood swings
• Sweet smelling breath

Taking all of the above-stated signs and symptoms of diabetes into account can’t guarantee in any way that individuals having any of them are diabetic. But, these symptoms are by and large seen when a person becomes victim of the disease. Once understood of gradual encroaching towards diabetic stages, individuals should go to physician without delay.


‘Prevention is better than cure.’ However, onslaught of diabetes can hardly be resisted in view of the unhealthy modus vivendi. What we can do for better of us is prevent the onslaught by taking care of our lifestyle. Regular physical activity, eating healthy food, participating meditation session, taking only prescribed medication and following regular check-up can keep an individual away from the complications of diabetes.

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