How to Be a Better Person in a New Place

You see miserable and unhappy people all the time and sometimes you want to be empathetic, even if that should normally not concern you. When something terrible has happened, people close up on themselves and just run, run as far as they can away from the bad place.

But this can’t continue to be forever. Sooner or later you are going to have to start living again and it may prove to be harder than you know, something you have never tried before. Whatever the reason is that has made you hit the reset button, feeling weak and helpless is nothing to be worrying about.

This is because the situation you have been involved into was too much of a burden to bear. Over time grief and negativity has been building up inside you and that energy has to be released. This causes you to blow all your strength on preserving yourself and will leave you right down the bottom, weak and empty.

As I said your life must continue and therefore you are forced to adapt to a new environment with little strength to spare. Well there are a few ways to make you get back on your feet again and this is how they work:

1. If your character is a resilient one you may be able to succeed in doing this all by yourself. Off course you may be left with nothing to hold on to, no motivation, no reason to be living, no future, no present, only past and pain. Do you want to live? If you do, MAKE your own reason! Even if you fall on the ground finally beaten, at least now you will have a motivation that can drive you forward. That is more than enough to restart the process and at some point get you back on your feet again.

2. Maybe the running is where the problems come from. It truly is hard to be having to sprint away every time you fall. Yes it does leave you with no alternatives, yes it is dangerous, yes you can’t afford comforts like finding a man and a van in London to at least help with your luggage and yes you are after all back to zero. Indeed there are some situations that are too complicated but even if you flee to another city, let’s say, you can’t keep doing this forever and blame someone else.

3. The truth is for you to be able to stop running, you have to dig deep inside yourself and find the error in the equation. Because people are afraid to do this they run away to avoid confrontation. If you want change, stop and face yourself. Maybe you have heard warnings, coming from old people like “It is yourself that you should be afraid of…”. You may find this coming from a modern person sound funny. Think again!

4. Well when there is no help from a man van London company, nor from friends, nor from family, what can you do? You leave all of that behind a start rebuilding yourself. In a new place people do not know you and therefore things will be calm, at least at the beginning. Just accept everything that has happened to you and say “ To Hell with that!”, and let the past be the past.

Now you have a chance to start over a new chapter, one where you’ve hopefully learned your lesson. If people start asking about your previous deeds(and they will be doing that), tell them the truth! As long as you are willing to change, do not worry because you are already a better person and one step ahead from others.

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