How Not to Be Softie with the Cleaning 3

  • To clean a ceramic tile you will need again a rubbing alcohol, it works like a charm. Pour some of it directly to the stain and rub gently until dry, be careful not to damage the surface. You should make sure that there are no children in the room and also ensure that during the process the ventilation in the room is good, open windows and doors. 
  • When children starts crowing they want to try and touch just about everything, at home. And that is why you sometimes find amazing crayon pictures on your wall. Do not panic, they are only children, they do not realize what they are doing. You can clean the lovely picture using toothbrush and toothpaste. Rub gently, be careful not to spread the stains and then rinse and wipe dry. If your children had found the pen and pencils then you need to clean the stained area with a clean cloth and alcohol, recommend end of tenancy cleaning services.

  • You need to clean the carpet, you need to be prepared. First you need to sweep your carpet with a broom to collect some big particles and to loose up all the grounded dirt. The next step is vacuuming. After these easy steps you will notice a big difference in your carpet appearance, before and after starting the cleaning process. To get rid of stains you need to prepare a solvent, combine one part of ammonia and two parts of water, pour the mixture in a spray bottle and it is ready for use. Spray the stained area and wipe. For a dry cleaner use a combination of one cup borax and two cups of cornstarch. Let it sit for at least one hour and then vacuum thoroughly, suggest end of tenancy cleaning London. To remove any type of smell, such as pet odors you need to use some backing soda, sprinkle thoroughly the area and let it sit overnight, in the morning just vacuum the area completely.

It is not so hard to deal with everything, just like the superheroes, but do not forget that you are only a human and you need some rest. After the cleaning enjoy a fantastic dinner with your family and then spend some hours just relaxing in the clean bath.

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