How Not to Be Softie with the Cleaning 2

  • There are some advices that you should not forget, they are needed every day. The first one is to run your sponge through your dishwasher, at least twice a week. And also you should disinfect and sanitize it, at least once a month. Dish-washing machines absorbs a lot of bacteria. Do not be surprised, after all they might clean your dishes but they do not get the opportunity to dry out in between uses.
  • In case that you are living in two story house, you need a second vacuum cleaner to be stored upstairs. Do not reject the advice immediately, it is true that you will spend some money on buying a new one but it is worth it. Who wants to lug those heavy things up and down stairs? If you have to you will see how easy and fast is to vacuum when the mood strikes.

  • To be honest, have never thought about this advice, but I realise how useful it is and I have learned it the harder way. You always need to sanitize and disinfect your children’s toys after an illness. This will help you to prevent reinfection or infection of another child, recommend end of tenancy cleaning London services.

  • You should not buy any special toxic cleaning products to remove baby formula stains. All you need are some environmentally friendly products. First apply some isopropyl alcohol directly to the stain and then use a combination of backing soda and vinegar, it works miracles and also is safely for your children. You want to remove odors of vomit or urine from baby’s clothes and you have tried every possible method? Sprinkle them thoroughly with backing soda and wait overnight, in the morning shake them and launder clothes as you usual do.

  • When cleaning the windows and other glass surfaces, for better results it is a good idea to use vinegar and old newspapers. This way you will not leave streaks and your the windows and mirrors will become clean and shine, recommend end of tenancy cleaning services. 

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