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As a good housewife you need to know how to deal with everything at home. It is expected from you to clean, cook and look after the children, they want you to be a superhero. This is not so hard when you have the right tools and follow the right advices. Most of you are using all these commercial chemical-based cleaning products, thinking that this is the best choice. It is not! The new trend is green cleaning. Every day more and more people join the big family of eco-friendly cleaning. No more pollutants at home, or harmful toxins that are dangerous for you and your family’s health. You need only natural house-hold ingredients that are not expensive, actually they are pretty cheap and not time consuming.

I want to share with you some tips and tricks that will help you to deal with the cleaning much easier and faster. I read them in a professional end of tenancy cleaning magazine and I think that they are very useful.

  • You need to prepare some cleaning solutions, in advance not to waste time doing that when you need them. Accidents happen, we cannot avoid them so we need to be prepared. One of the most needed solvents is carpet cleaner, when having small children or pets stains and spills are part from our daily life.

  • We all have busy schedules and we are always in a hurry, but who doesn’t. And of course we all hate cleaning, but again who doesn’t. We need to make a schedule and involve the whole family in the cleaning process, deciding what must be cleaned and who will complete the task. In case that you have a lot of stuff to be cleaned you can hire someone to help you, but leave that as a back up plan. It is not so hard to deal with house cleaning, according to the end of tenancy cleaning London services.

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