How Neutralize Pet Odors

There are so many commercial products that you can buy from the store to clean up after your pets and dispel odors in your home. However there are home-made solutions that are as effective as the ones bought from the store. Many items that can be found in your kitchen can be used as a antibacterial and odor-neutralizing solutions. These items do not leave any toxic residues and can clean up almost all types of pet messes and odors. Now you can clean after your pets in an environmentally friendly way while saving money. Here are one of the most common products that can be found in your home and how they can help you with the carpet cleaning.


White vinegar is a powerful cleanser that can kills bacteria and neutralizes odors, because it contains acetic acid. It also has antibacterial properties and kills the odor-causing bacteria. Do not worry about the smell, the vinegar evaporates and once it has dried you could feel the fresh scent in your home. You can apply vinegar directly to the stain or make a mixture of one part water and two parts vinegar. If you need to deal with pet stains on fabric you should add one cup of the mixture to the laundry. Remember that vinegar leaves no residue behind so you do not need to rinse the spot after applying the product.


Vodka is commonly used as an ingredient in a tasty alcoholic cocktails. However, it can be used a cleaning solvent, because of its pure alcohol form. You can spray it directly to the upholstery, carpet, or pet bedding to remove mildew and pet odors or to wipe down hard hard surfaces. This way you will also remove the bacteria that causes the smell. Vodka is suitable for all types of surfaces, including glass and granite. Do not worry about the scent of vodka, it will disappear when the fabric dry.

When dealing with stains and odors you may call a carpet cleaning London company to come and do the job for you.

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