How Dirty is Your Carpet

Carpets are a beautiful addition in a living room as well as the biggest collectors of dust and grime. The dirtiness they collect builds up and pollutes the environment causing damages to the carpets fibres and health issues such as asthma and allergies.

Your carpet might look clean enough but consider what the vacuum cleaner is going to pick up. Perhaps we should all adopt the Japanese custom of leaving our shoes at the door. So, how dirty is your carpet really? Professional carpet cleaners Hampstead point the most common sources of dirt and grime.

Sand and oil. Street dirt is usually a mixture of sand and oil brought into the house on the soles of your shoes. While sand and grit can damage flooring, oil causes stains and traps further dirt.

Skin flakes. These make up the majority of household dust. Much of it ends up on the floor where it provides food for dust mites and moulds.

Pollens. From flowers and trees, pollen can accumulate indoors when floors are not regularly cleaned.

Pet hair. The hair of your dog or cat or other pet can be very difficult to remove. Some vacuum cleaners come with extras such as special filtration to remove odours, and special nozzles to pick up animal hairs.

Mites. Dust mites live in carpets and bedding, producing faeces. Many people nowadays are allergic to them.

Hypoallergenic vacuum cleaners. These feature extra fine filters (HEPA filters) which trap fine particles and prevent them from re-entering the air as many other vacuum cleaners do.

Mould. This thrive in house dust and where it is found, such as in carpets and upholstery.

So, you see that there are many little bad things hidden in your carpet even when you think it is perfect clean. That is why regular vacuuming is vital not only for the carpet health but for yours and your family’s as well. Remove stains right after they happen, blot spills immediately and give your carpet and rugs to professional carpet cleaners Waterloo at least once to twice a year in order to provide a clean and healthy carpet.

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