Household Duties You Hate

Housework is not one of the favourite things in many women’s to do lists, however this is one of the things that has no ending. Household maintenance is one of the things that should be done regularly, every day. And this is not so nice though.

Many housewives around the world like to postpone some of the home cleaning remedies just because they do not wish to do them. Unfortunately, as long you postpone a household problem, as bigger it gets. That is why house cleaning is a regular duty that should be turned into a routine. Do it without paying special attention to what exactly you are doing. Here are some tips to help you be quicker and spend less efforts on that.

When the bag of the vacuum cleaner is half-full, the power of the suction is lower and part of the dirt inside the machine goes back into the room. As the bag fills, the power of suction decreases, therefore the bag should be emptied regularly, which is kinda challenging. So, here what cleaners Plaistow share: start the vacuum cleaner for a minute or two to allow it to collect all the dust and dirt into the bag, then plug the machine off the electricity. If you use disposable bags, then put some scotch tape on the opening of the bag to prevent the dirt and dust to go out of the bag. If you use the standard bags, then better do this on the balcony. Empty the bag into the trash bin and wash it well. Then leave it to air dry before placing it back in the machine.

You know those dead insects on the lampshades, right? They look really annoying when not removed regularly. So, switch off the lights and get a ladder and brace yourself. Get the lampshades and rinse them with water, then wipe dry. You can soak them if necessary, to remove any residues. Next, wipe the light bulb and put back the lampshades.

As you are on the ladder, you can move to the ceiling fans. If these are not cleaned regularly, they can easily spread germs and mites which may cause serious health issues. You need a solution of water and vinegar in a spray bottle. Place some old newspapers or a big sheet on the floor under the fan to prevent the floor from getting dirty. Damp a cloth with the solution and wipe the wings of the fan one by one.

Following these tips will save you some time and efforts and will keep your home clean and maintained. Also, turning the home maintenance into a daily routine will definitely ease your job and keep cleaners Plumstead away from your house and home budget.

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