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One thing that makes your house feel clean (even if it is not), is the nice odours and aromas that you can smell in the room. And cinnamon is the best choice for a source of great aromas and odours. The smell of cinnamon is associated with the feelings of warmth and safeness. But cinnamon has a dozen other applications in the house and you can take full advantage of them.
You can use cinnamon as room freshener. Just put few tablespoons of ground cinnamon in a bowl and place it anywhere in the room (table, shelf, coffee table). In just few minutes you will feel how the room fills quickly with pleasant aroma and odour.
There is another trick you can use if you want to make the room smell of cinnamon. When the light bulbs in your home are cool place few drops of essential oil of cinnamon on them. And when they are turned on, the scent of cinnamon would gently diffuse throughout the room in the minute that the light bulb starts to heat up.
You can create your own homemade room deodorizer with cinnamon. Just place few drops of essential oil in a spray bottle with a mixture and vodka in it. Spritz the mixture in the room to remove any unpleasant odours and smells.
Besides great source of pleasant aromas and odours cinnamon has other practical uses around the house especially in the battle against insects. Cinnamon can repel both ants and moths. Create a mixture from ½ cup of whole cloves, ½ cup of peppercorns and 4 broken sticks of cinnamon. Place a tablespoon of these mixture in squares made from clothes and hang them in the closet or wardrobe. cleaners claim that this will repel moths.
Cinnamon can be used for repelling ants, too. Although, there is no scientific evidence that supports this,  expert cleaners in Chiswick claim that cinnamon sticks drive the ants away. You can also try it, just place few cinnamon sticks in front of every entry door. Place few cinnamon in the kitchen corners also to get rid of the nasty insects once and for all.
Cinnamon is great room fresher and insect repellent in the same time. But there might be other uses that you do not know about yet, so it is worth a try to search in the Internet for other cinnamon uses for the house. Or you can ask a professional from carpet cleaning Chiswick to provide you such information.

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