House Cleaning – How to Get Rid of the Clutter

Is your home a comfortable place to live with enough private space for everybody or it looks more like a dusty museum? In this article I will provide tips to help sort through one of the most important aspects of house cleaning – removing clutter.

Before you take the first step in your project, you are going to have to face some personal issues. It’s often surprising how many people are experiencing the same – to dream about a neat home and keep a lot of junk in the same time. Let’s face it – keeping things that you’ll never really need contradicts the concept of proper house cleaning.

The best way to begin sorting is to designate three piles.

Pile one is for the real trash – all these things that you’ll never need. A full scan of a big house often has surprising results and finding strange items is not uncommon.

Pile two is for sale. Everything that is still in good condition and working should be given away if it’s no use for you. In return, you would have a little bit of extra cash and all the fun that goes with the “garage sales”.

In the third pile are the things that are both functional and useful for you. The goal in the whole process is to keep the third pile the smallest. That will surely mean that you managed to overcome the sentimental value of the old disposable items.

Once all the things you don’t need made it to the dump, it’s time to take a day and sort through the remainder of the house. A good idea is to sort through the third pile and put each item in its designated place.

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