Hosepipe Ban and Bike Cleaning

The imminent hosepipe ban in south-east England is going to limit the use water outside the house for the people living in the region. Although the hosepipe ban doesn’t specifically says whether using hose to clean a bike is restricted or not, you probably won’t like to find out that it is considering that the fine for using hose during the imposed hosepipe ban is £1000. Still, ban or no ban you shouldn’t let your bike stay dirty and find alternative methods for bike cleaning.

By cleaning your bicycle on regular basis you can ensure that it will not only look good but also preserve its parts by preventing any damages caused by the dirt on the bike chain, chain rings, cassette, etc. Fortunately, you can clean your bike just as good with limited amounts of water as if your were cleaning with a hose. All that you need to make your dirty bike clean again is certain tools and cleaning equipment.

For a successful bike cleaning job that doesn’t involve any use of hose you would require the following things: bucket filled with hot water, washing-up liquid, brushes and sponges, an old toothbrush and few old rags. When you have everything need for successful bike cleaning you may commence with the cleaning.

First sponge the bike well after soaking a sponge into the mixture of hot water and washing-up liquid. After that wash your bike with clean water to remove the suds. Cleaners Aldgate claim that the combination of hot water and foam should have loosen much of dirt and now what it is left for you is to only clean the small parts and details on bike that are still dirty. But before you start take an old dry rag and wipe down your bike with it to dry it up. If you leave moist for too long the bike may start to rust.

After that inspect the bike and see which of its parts are still dirty and require more detailed cleaning. If the chain, sprockets, front and rear mech are still dirty gently brush them to remove the grime and then wipe clean with a sponge. Eventually, as cleaners Bellingham recommend to blot dry these bike parts to prevent any rust and corrosions on them.

While it is very incovient that you cannot use the garden hose for bike cleaning during a hosepipe ban that doesn’t mean that you cannot clean your bike at all. You can still clean your bike and get the same results without wasting precious water resources using only a bucket of water and few helpful tools.

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