History of Watches and Clocks

The portable clocks operated by springs were the earlier forms of timepieces. ‘Mainspring’ was the component which helped in making the watches portable. Watches made between the 1500s and 1600s were kind of hybrids between simple time clocks and watches. Only one hand (hour-hand) was present in these clock-watches. Made of brass, these timepieces had a cylindrical, drum-like shape. Striking movements and alarm mechanisms played an important part in the working of these timepieces.
Early Watch Manufacturing:
In the history, 1524 is known to be the earliest watch manufacturing year, however early manufacturing begins in France and in the year 1574 a watchmaker named as Charles Cousin shifted to Geneva in Switzerland from France and settled there and got citizenship after thirteen year. During that period, the watch was being used a jewel and became available for masses much later.

Charles Cousin founded a watch guild in Geneva and during the period Switzerland watches became famous. There were various watchmakers in Switzerland before Charles Cousin, but the commitment of Charles Cousin to organize the sector has given boost to the quality manufacturing and propagating the quality to the world. The timepieces made during the period were not perfect as of today. These first timepieces were inaccurate and most of the watches have only hour hand and had to be wound twice a day.
During the period 1600 to 1700, the watches remain a jewelry pieces and the period also saw technical innovation. Two types of watches pendulum and pocket watch were made available during the period. During 1675, a spiral balance spring was used, which improved the accuracy of timekeeping from a fraction of hour earlier to a fraction of minute. Till 1675, the pendulum type were used in the neck, Charles II of England introduced long waistcoats and men used the pockets of these waistcoats to put the watches.
Electric Watches
The period between 1950 and 1969 saw the development of electric watches. An electromagnetically driven tuning fork was the core of electric watches. A battery-powered solenoid was used for the purpose of operating this tuning fork. The year 1957 was when these watches started appearing in the market. There are many brands of expensive watches for men and women in the market. The electric watches became very much popular. More information on best watches for women 2010 should be useful.

The history of watches presented in this article gives information about different types of timepieces being used. The pocket and wrist watches were handy therefore, became popular in no time. Today’s watches have undergone a great deal of improvement in terms of technology being used. The best watch brands ride on the wave of latest technological developments and offer quality products. The study of history of timepieces should therefore, be interesting.
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