History at the Waldorf

The Waldorf hotel London, also known as the Waldorf Hilton, is located on the Aldwych crescent, a historical street unto itself, deriving its name from old English to mean ‘old settlement.’ It is the site near which excavations took place in the 80’s that ‘rediscovered’ the town Lundenwik, as being properly categorized as urban in nature. The roots of a city lie here, and when looking to get in touch with these roots, the Waldorf hotel might be the place to do it. It’s a creaky old monster of a structure and bears the weight of the many lives that have come and gone, unrecorded as nearly all history is except perhaps as a name on an old Waldorf hotel list of guests. And how long do they even keep those? Life is transience, a passing of moments, but history is immutable, forever solidified in the concrete past, and we are the young men and women who are in the midst of dying. Before we die, however, we might want to stay at the Waldorf hotel London, because there are certain places that can give you a solid sense of spectrum, a moment to ground yourself, look back, look ahead, look at the room around you, take a nap, go to tea, go to the theatre, attend a class at the nearby school of economics, drink heavily, contemplate life. Who knows, maybe the Waldorf hotel is haunted, most old places are; the ghosts of this holiday season’s past might be good for an anecdote or two. Lamentations on the birth of industrialization, they were there, they choked over the vats of mercury, there was no other way humans would learn of its toxicity but by the trials and fatal errors of our early factory workers. But without them, they’ll remind you, where would you be? Nowhere special, most likely.

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