Having a Well Maintained Guest Room

Having a guest room in your house is a great benefit, especially if you are the kind of person who loves receiving guests. Therefore keeping the guest room clean is a must, if you do not wish to get embarrassed in front of your friends.

The key for having a good looking guest room is in maintaining a good environment. You must thrive to create a welcoming, warm and cozy ambiance so that your guests don’t feel uncomfortable. To create the required atmosphere, get a big enough bed, so that your visitors feel rested at the following morning. Always have some magazines and books piled on a small table in the corner of the room. Make sure to place a night table near the bed with a nice night lamp on top of it.

But the furnishing is not everything in a guest room. The cleanliness of the room is of great importance as well, because a dirty room sends the wrong message. Therefore make sure to change the beddings at a regular basis, even if nobody has been sleeping in the bed for quite a while. Also change have at your disposal special guest towels and bath robes. Don’t forget to vacuum the floor and wipe the dust regularly. Leave the windows of the room open every once in a while, so that some fresh air gets in. There is no point in cleaning a room that has rotten air in it.

If the curtains of the guest room are made of velvet or suede, then you must not wash them, because velvet and suede get ruined when they get soaked in water. Instead you must call professional cleaners every two or three months to come and execute a proper dry cleaning. Nowadays you can find professional cleaning firms that offer various services such as velvet cleaning and suede dry cleaning at very affordable prices.

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