Hard Floor Benefits

Form the title of the article you can see that I’m going to compare the hard flooring with something else, but what can it be? Well what else can you put on the floor – carpets and rugs of course. I’m not trying to convince you to throw away your handmade Oriental rug, I just want you to think about all the time and efforts you spend keeping it clean and is it worth the struggle. If you want to keep any kind of textile flooring clean you have to be prepared to spend a lot of time and work.

Textile Flooring

Carpets are incubators for bacteria and germs, not to mention all the dust and dirt trapped inside the fibers reducing the air quality in your home. Around eighty percent of all the grime and soil you bring back home is accumulated in the fabric of your carpets, area rugs and mats. If you don’t take care for it frequently allergies may develop and even asthma. In order to keep a carpet clean you’ll have to vacuum it daily, not weekly as many people believe.

In addition every month it is a good idea to beat it, that way stuffed grime will loosen and you’ll be able to vacuum it. If you think that’s all you’re wrong, I haven’t mentioned about deep cleaning and stain removal yet. A common disbelief regarding deep cleaning of textile flooring is that you need to preform it once or twice a year. In fact it should be done once every two or three months. As for the stains I assume you know that they should be treated as soon as possible.

But do you know that they also have to be neutralized? There are two types of stains regarding their chemical qualities – alkali and acidic. If you have participated in the chemistry classes you should know that acid neutralizes alkali in a vigorous reaction releasing water and carbon dioxide. Got a little distracted what I mean is that you have to neutralize the effect of the stain by adding one of the ingredients.

This Is Why Hard Floor Is Better

This is easy that hard part is to remove the stain, because there are so many different kind of stains not to mention the variety of fabrics. This is why hard flooring is the better option, of course you’ll have to invest a little more in a high quality flooring but be sure it will pay off. In contrast to carpets hard floors can last up to fifty years, all they need is sanding and buffing every six to ten years. The maintenance you ask, well easy a damp microfiber mop or slippers is all you need.

As the carpets you’ll have to wipe hard floors daily, but you’ll be able to finish at least twice as fast. The deep cleaning won’t take much time either, all you need to do is pour some cleaning solution and wipe. As for the stains kitchen paper or a rag will be enough, just make sure there are no cracks between the planks. So cleaning is easy, but for the sanding you’ll need a professional I really don’t recommend you do it on your own because there is a risk you damage it. Moreover the specialists will not only remove the top layer but also apply the necessary wax, polish and protective coating.

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