Halloween is Coming-Get Ready! 2

Glowing Drinks

If you have some tonic water lying around the fridge, in the kitchen (which nobody ever seems to like), try making some ice cubes with it, instead of mixing it with other things. Have a black-light ready, it is preferable to chose a large one which will illuminate the entire room, or even just a small one which will keep the table with all the drinks lit up. Then, when the time comes, put the tonic ice cubes into the drinks and watch the magic happen. There is a chemical in tonic water which glows blue under a black light, and as the ice melts the drinks will start to glow an awesome blue color!

Green, Unnatural Pumpkins

Make your pumpkins glow green instead of the regular color. To reach that goal, do not use a candle to light up the inside of your carved decorations, replace them with glow sticks, you will be surprised by the difference. Just drop the cracked glow sticks into the pumpkin and watch all the passers and treaters gape in amazement at the green, glowing pumpkins. Or, it is even better, to use straightened out paper clips or string to stick the glow sticks to the sides and top of the pumpkin’s insides so they will not be visible for people and they will not notice them.

Be careful sometimes pumpkins leave stubborn stains, if this happen, find some advices in end of lease cleaners sites.

Disgusting Slime

One of the most seen facets of horror movies and Halloween is loads of slime. You can see slime everywhere in the horror movies, and there is no reason you cannot have some too. There are lots of places you can buy some slime, you can find even some that glows in the dark. It is a good idea to try toy shops, joke shops or even online. However, if you really want to get messy and have fun while doing it, there is a way to make your own slime at home! Just be careful, remember that you have to clean the mess in the end, keep in mind that end of lease cleaning Sydney companies, are one call far.

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