Green Clean Your Fridge in 7 Steps

Fridges are one of the most inconvenient to clean places, because there is usually still food inside, which more or less will spoil, if you keep it outside the fridge long enough. If your grandmother is anything like mine, she will insist that you keep the fridge door closed at all times, because the difference in temperatures will harm the machine.

Either way, you have to clean your fridge, because all the spillage, crumbs and bits that accumulate with time will sure enough begin to rot and emit a smell, which will sink in your fresh products and is a potential health hazard. Here are the steps, professionals from the cleaning BR2 teams in my area have shared about how they clean.

1. Don’t attempt to clean around your products. Remove every item outside the fridge and stack them on your kitchen’s worktop.
2. Proceed to dismantle all shelves within the fridge and trays from the fridge door. Those will be saved for last.
3. To go green, you need baking soda, which is not only excellent for breaking down old stains and smudges, but acts as an air freshener and will kill the smell from the fridge’s surface. In a bowl of lukewarm water, add generous amounts of baking soda and stir until the soda has dissolved.
4. Use either jay cloth or a white towel. Soak it in the solution and proceed to scrub the fridge. My advise would be to start from the top [don't forget the fridge ceiling] and proceed to the bottom, where the excess water will gather anyway.
5. After you’ve cleaned the fridge, close the door to conserve energy and preserve the fridge’s temperature. You are now ready to move to the shelves, trays and salad drawers, which can be easily soaked in the same solution and then wiped clean. Once done, it’s time to return to the fridge.
6. Replace all shelves, trays and drawers.
7. Wipe clean all food products in packages and containers with a slightly dampened jay cloth to remove excess oils and stains that might ruin the pristine condition of your fridge.

Voilà. You have cleaned your fridge. If you want a visual tutorial, you can hire a professional such as one of the cleaning BR2 teams and copy their technique.

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