Green Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Before years, there were bathrooms, and they had to be cleaned as well. However, from the past several decades from now the artificial chemicals are surrounding us every day, in the kitchen, in the soap we are washing our hands, almost everywhere they are. According the world health organization many people around the world are developing, allergies, rashes and asthma from the chemical used in our everyday living. For me my little son has problems to any kind of chemicals that I use in the bathroom to clean it. I bought him this green soap he have something to take a shower with but everything he touches and is being cleaned by artificial cleaning solution is turning him into a rush, quite a bad one.  So if you have the same problems, and to avoid green cleaning services or you want to clean your bathroom with green techniques this article is just for you.
First, clean the toilet bowl. Pour over one or two cups of vinegar into the water add a cup of baking soda, and watch the show. After it finish bubbling all around, you can flush the toilet and clean the lime from its surface, it would be better if you leave your toilet bowl full with this cleaning solution overnight. This will help bigger lime damages to disappear at no time.
If you want to clean the bathtub, you will do it after you full the tub with warm water and add several bottles of coca cola. And leave it full overnight. In the morning or when you are ready to clean it, add the white wine vinegar and the soda, and after the reaction ends you ready to start scrubbing with some soft sponge poured with vinegar.
If you do not have time for this of my advices and looking for solution, try founding a green cleaning services that would help you clean your home. They also offer full end of tenancy cleaning and carpet cleaning as well.

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