Google Voice and Its Services

Google plays very influential part in our lives. We rely so much on the power  of the search engine that we cannot imagine our existence without it. Yet, Google is so much more than the most popular search engine. Google offers so much additional services and products, and,still, for most people when they Google is nothing else than a search engine.

Gmail is one of the most popular and most used mail clients in the world, but there is another useful service incorporated into the e-mail client,  called Google Voice. What exactly is Google Voice? This is a service that uses VoIP technology and allows users using it to make free calls between themselves over the internet. Google Voice also allows users to make calls to both domestic and international phones, so anyone can use the service to call United Arab Emirates or Russia. The rates for such international and domestic calls are cheaper compared to traditional means of telecommunication, and for users in USA and Canada this service is even free.

The potential of Google Voice is so big and that prompted Google to create a Google Voice app for mobile phones that serves the same purpose as the online version of Google Voice. The app is available for most popular mobile operating systems such as iOS and Android. By doing this Google allowed to people to use the service on their smartphones, and thus being able to make calls to anywhere in the world using internet instead of the network of the mobile operator. This way anyone having a smartphone with iOS or Android operating system can make cheap calls to United Arab Emirates, because he will not be using the mobile network to make international calls and will avoiding paying expensive rates and charges for roaming.

Google is so much more than a simple search engine. Google offers numerous additional services such as e-mail client, chat client, maps, translation service and so on. Google expanded its reach well beyond the online services by creating its own operating system for mobile phones and even its own brand of cell phones. Telecommunication is important part of Google’s portfolio and that is why the people working in the company created the service Google Voice.

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