Goodbye London, Hello World

 It has become extremely trendy over the past few years  to take a year off after graduating university  and travel around  the world to explore different cultures and places in search of happiness.

So however unbelievable this may sound, with all this migration process taking place lately, hundreds of young people between the age of 20 and 30 are actually leaving the UK capital  every single day.

Statistical surveys show that this process  has actually positive influence on Real Estate Agencies who offer rental properties and London cleaners that offer move out cleaning services. The only ones that seem to be quite unhappy  with those facts are the landlords and property owners as they  are constantly  complaining that they are constantly searching  for new tenants – a quite unpleasant process. Figures here show that owners  leasing apartments to university students and graduates change their tenants every year if not twice a year.

So what are those people doing while taking  a year off? Well, most of them actually go back home  for a few months to spend with their parents and find out for themselves whether they will be happy to move back in or the UK capital proved to be more hospitable for them than their actual home. Others , however decide to explore the unfamiliar and travel to far off lands in Asia of Africa.. Most of the young people that have chosen that option usually don’t come back in London as after spending some time in secluded villages  they often decide that they would prefer to move in a smaller town and they can live calm and enjoy the nature.

But the ones  that had chosen the first option  return to London sooner or later as once you have lived in this city you fall in love with it forever. You even disregard the terrible weather conditions and  the  famous English Humour, as this place is so colourful and extremely unpredictable that almost all people who have felt its spirit will come back.  Actually, the best thing about this city is its ability  to keep you anonymous – unless you’re willing to really come out of your shell – so you can walk on the streets passing by other anonymous people and not be bothered by what they will think about the way you’re dressed, or the way you behave in public.

So, it’s good to explore the world and encounter different cultures, but London will be always the home of way too many interesting and different people. You can never say a real goodbye to a place like that.

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