Go Green in the Kitchen

Nowadays, you do not need to buy chemical-based cleaning solution when cleaning your house or apartment. You can easily clean just about everything with toxic-free and environmentally friendly solvents, that you can prepare at home. These natural house-hold products that can be found in every home, such as backing soda and vinegar, can also clean all small fixtures and appliances.
Here are some advices, suggested by end of tenancy cleaners services, that can help you during the cleaning process.

  • Before starting, make sure to unplug the appliances. Then you are ready to deal with this boring cleaning “thing”.
  • One of the thing that we use the most in the kitchen is the coffee-maker. Almost everyone likes to drink coffee in the morning, that is why the machine that prepares our favourite black drink becomes stained. To clean it effectively you should drop some ice cubes in it, add teaspoon of lemon juice, four teaspoons of salt and a half cup of warm, but not hot, water. Wait until the ice melt and then wash with soapy water. The outside of the coffee-maker can be cleaned with a combination of water and vinegar, scrub with a sponge and then rinse thoroughly with water.
  • Make a solution of a half cup of vinegar and four cups of warm water, use it to clean the dip coffee-maker. You should run the mixture through the brewing cycle, after that to rinse thoroughly you need to run clean water through the same cycle. The other option that you have is to prepare a solvent by mixing a quart cup of backing soda and one cap of water and again run the ingredients through the cycle and rinse with white vinegar, in the end.
  • To clean the toaster first unplug it, then shake it over the trash bin to knock out most of the crumbs. Use pastry brush to clean the remaining crumbs. You can wash the tray with soapy and then wipe it thoroughly, until dry. You can easily clean the outside of the toaster with a combination of water and vinegar, then wipe until dry.

There are s lot more green cleaning tips that you can find online or in some professional tenancy cleaning books.

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