Give Your Pooch A Bath

Dogs are our best friends people say, but if we want them to stay our friends, it is up to us to keep them smelling fresh and clean. Doggies like playing, and you know how messy can dog games be. Dogs frequently run around dusty and muddy places, so it is up to you to clean them. If you don’t, you risk dirtying up your whole house. Giving your dog a bath is not so easy, many pets don’t really enjoy getting wet, so you are obliged to keep yours steady, until the unpleasant job is done.

First of all, place a medium-sized bucket, a hair dryer and 2-3 large towels in the bathroom. Place a shower mat onto the spot where the dog is about to be, to keep him away from slipping, dogs sure like to move you know. Another thing that you have to be cautious about, is to secure the bathroom doors and windows, so to prevent any runaway attempts.

When everything is in order, and you start applying shampoo, be very careful not to get any in the dogs eyes. Cleaners in Melbourne recommend using an eye lubricant for animals. You can ask your attending veterinarian for some, or for instructions from where you can get one.

With a bucket filled with water, wet the dog from the head down, towards the tail, including the undersides, being careful not to get water in its eyes. Apply a small amount of dog shampoo, if using an anti-flea one, let it sit on for the recommended time.

After you had applied the shampoo, rinse again, using the bucket. Note, that your pet will be anxious to shake the water off. Prevent that by laying your hand on its back. Dry off, first with a soft towel, then with a blow dryer. Cleaning services Melbourne suggest to keep the dryer in a 5-6 inches distance, so you wont harm the fur.

After the dog is dry, enjoy playing with your fluffy pet. Fluffiness is guaranteed after every pet bathing process.

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