Get Your Kitchen Cabinets Clean 3

In case that the food is really stuck on and difficult to remove, you should try scraping with a putty or butter knife, but be very gently, be careful not to scratch or damage the surface of the cabinets. If you have heavy dirty and grime that cannot be cleaned with the most common household products, you need to try using paint thinner.

But before that, first you need to test a hidden part of the cabinet to make sure that no damage will occur. After this step you are ready to start the end of lease cleaning process, to do this, pour some drops of the paint thinner onto a clean cloth or towel and then rub until no more dirt can be removed from the stained area. Common sense should prevail when using chemicals. Remember to keep the kitchen always ventilated and also do never use this product around an open flame or even a pilot light, or you risk your life.

If you want to have shiny wooden cabinets, then an all purpose wood polish, such as those found in the supermarket, will do a great job, polish the wood and bring out its natural beauty. When buying a chemical-based solution from the store, do never forget to check the label to make sure that the spray or the product is compatible with the type of wood finish of your cabinet and the next important thing is that you need to read the manufacturer’s directions and follow them strictly, to ensure that you will not get hurt, during the home cleaning. You can also use home made polish, it is cheaper and is as effective as the one bought from the store. All you need to prepare it are some common household ingredients, which you can find in every home, such as vinegar and tea tree oil.

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