Get Your Kitchen Cabinets Clean 2

Be careful when using the sponge, do not forget to wring it out every time before applying to the cabinet, otherwise if you do not do it, you risk the water to drip everywhere. To rinse off the baking soda-based solution you should use clean, cool water and a sponge to wipe clean. After that it is a good idea to use a towel or soft cloth to wipe dry the cabinets.

The next excellent and effective home cleaning remedy is distilled white vinegar. To get rid of the grease and food build up, in no time, then you should use full-strength vinegar rubbed on from a sponge or cloth. Do not bother about the smell it will last not longer than day or two. In case that the cabinets are not too dirty you can dilute the vinegar in a little warm water.

The next thing in the list that can be used as a green cleaning solution for cleaning the front of the cabinets, is the mild dish-washing liquid. All you need to do is to add a teaspoon or two in a cup of a warm water and rub the stained area, this will clean it just fine. In case that you have to deal with trickier bits of food that may be stuck, you should use a clean sponge with the green scrubbing pad. Keep in mind that you should not use a scrub brush, steel wool pad or any type of abrasives as these, otherwise you risk to scratch the surface of your cabinet. Another thing that can damage the surface of the cabinet is the scouring powder. According to end of lease cleaning services, you can replace the dish-washing liquid with all-purpose household detergent. Just add a cup or two of the detergent into a bowl with filled with a couple of cups of water, and the solutions is ready for use. In the end, before drying, sponge with cool, clear water to rinse the area.

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