Get Ready to Learn How to Last Longer in Bed for Men

An age old question that defies male sexuality as we wish it to be, and that tragically defines the shortened sexual span of intimacy for most men in the US today happens to be none other than: How to Last Longer for Men?

Few men actually happen to really know how to last longer in bed for men, and most men would die to get their hands on a surefire answer – or solution – that could work for them.

While medical statistics don’t necessarily track this form of mild sexual dysfunction in adult males in the US, the numbers are estimated to be a whopping disproportionate one third of all men who are sexually active.

That’s one in three men that don’t know how to last longer in bed for men. In short, that’s a lot of men who want to know how to last longer in bed for men. So let’s dig in to some answers, shall we?

Last Longer in Bed for Men by Breathing & Meditating
The most common method is to control your breathing and your subconscious mind by meditating while you do so. Sure, it’s a lot easier said or read than done. A good method involves slowly drawing in a lungful of air and then counting to ten as you slowly exhale it. Keep doing this during sex to last longer each time.

Last Longer In Bed Men by Increasing Libido & Stamina
You can also try adding some supplements to the mix to last longer in bed. There are some top brands that contain the most potent herbal extracts in them, and that are designed to treat premature ejaculation. Some men find these supplements affordable and helpful with lasting longer in bed.

It’s actually easier than you think to find the leading brands.

Here’s what to look for in them:
1.Should be designed to treat premature ejaculation
2.Should work fast, in about 25 minutes – no waiting for sex
3.Shouldn’t have any reported or documented side effects
4.Product should be safe to use with alcohol
5.Maker should offer complete refund if product does not work
6.The best products have a full doctor endorsement
7.Leading brands are made in GMP certified labs
8.Should provide full ingredient disclosure to you

Using Sexual Techniques To Last Longer
One last tip that can be offered is to use different sexual techniques. Extend foreplay so your partner is closer to orgasm before you start making love. Change positions often to avoid premature ejaculation. If you feel you are getting close, pull out and take a breather so you can make your partner climax with you.

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