Get out of the Cold and Stay Inside: Cashmere, Candles, and an Inviting Home

 ‘Baby, it’s cold outside’! This winter as the mercury plummets and the digital thermometer reads closer to zero, nothing speaks to the simple truth of handling the winter than the classic song written by Frank Loesser in 1936. Little else is as emblematic and enjoyable about chilly winter weather than a warm, cozy, and inviting living room with an amber-hued fire flickering away, golden-starry candles lit, and enticing cashmere essentials such as throws and pillows scattered about.

In Loesser’s song, the male singer who is called ‘wolf’ in the lyrics, gently prods, inveigles, and coaxes the female singer, known as ‘mouse’, to stay in his lair (oops—I mean house). One can imagine that wolf’s home is beset with a treasure trove of comforting delights to cause even the most stalwart of mighty mouse be convinced to stay. Chances are wolf has the enticing aromas of steaming mulled wine and gingerbread cooking wafting in from the kitchen, and as the snow begins to fall thicker and thicker outside, inside looks even nicer.

How can you make your own ‘wolf’s lair’ this winter? If you don’t have a fireplace, candles always create a warm and enticing glow that emulates the sensation of a fireplace; in addition, the light from candles is diffuse and golden and makes everyone look more attractive. Baking always fills the air with comforting scents reminiscent of childhood, but alternatively, burning incense or oil can fill the air with whatever you desire. Having a variety of home accessories scattered about, such as overstuffed floor pillows, fuzzy blankets, and seasonal decorations all in warm hues will only add to the ambience.

Attracting your own mouse will be easy if you invest in some luxury cashmere sellers, such as hot water bottle covers, throws, and pillows to have around the home. Nobody will ever say that they ‘really can’t stay’ because when it’s cold outside your warm and inviting home, it’s the only place people will want to be.

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