General Bathroom Care and Cleaning

When giving the bathroom a good going-over, it makes hygienic sense to start with surfaces less likely to be contaminated with bacteria. Start by applying disinfectant to the toilet bowl and let it soak while you clean the walls and floor, basin, bath and shower. Move on to the bidet if you have one, then to the outer surfaces of the toilet and finish with the inside of the toilet bowl.
The maids from End of Tenancy Cleaning Islington team remind that bacteria and other disease-causing organisms are often spread from hand to mouth after touching a contaminated surface. Therefore it is sensible to clean and disinfect door handles, the flushing handle and other places that are frequently touched after someone has been to the toilet.
A cleaner Woodgreen gives several choices for cleaning the basin, bath and outside the toilet:
The commercial bathroom cleaner is a thick liquid, paste or powder containing bleach, abrasives and detergents with an overall acidic composition.
The mild detergent is a solution of washing up liquid which is a good all-purpose cleaner and can be used on floors and walls as well as fittings.
The baking soda is a mild abrasive that can be used as a general cleaner as well as for removing tough spots. It can be used as a solution, a paste o r powder.
You can make your own all-purpose cleaner using borax and lemon juice or vinegar. It is used for keeping mould and mildew on shower curtains and other surfaces away. A paste of borax and lemon juice left for half an hour will remove stubborn stains.
Do not forget about white vinegar and tea-tree. The white vinegar can be used with a brick scrub. The diluted tea-tree oil keeps the brush and bowl germ-free.
If you do not want to use commercial cleaning products, it is easy enough to make your own. There are many green cleaning recipes on the Internet that can easily replace the commercial detergents. It is also a cheaper, safer and eco-friendly decision.

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