Gearbox and Its Function and Kinds

What is a Gearbox?

It’s a machine which transfers energy from a device to another device and while doing so it increases torque and reduces speed. The twisting and bending of solid materials generate a power which is known as torque. As seen in a helicopter or a rotary mower a gearbox brings a change in direction which is right angled.

It is placed at the junction point of a power shaft. Each gearbox part is manufactured keeping in mind its specific purpose and the gear ratio which is used is designed in such a way that it provides the required level of force. While manufacturing the box itself the ratio is assigned and fixed and later on it cannot be altered or modified. The only modification which can be brought about is an adjustment that allows the user to increase the speed of the shaft and along with it brings about a reduction in the torque. In certain situations where more than one gear speeds are required, a transmission with many gears can be used in order to increase torque and slow down the speed of the output on the other hand.

In automobile transmissions this design is commonly found. This similar kind of principle is often times used to devise an over drive gear that decreases torque and increases speed of the output.

Types of Gearboxes:

Worm Gearbox: This contains a right hand thread and is made solid with its shaft. It is manufactured from steel of high grade which imparts to it very high quality of torsion care strength and along with it, it even gives hardware resting surface. It is precisely grounded on all diameters. The worm gearbox is suitable for assembling modular of flanges and arm of the torque. It has high versatility. This gear works on the principle of transport mechanism. It is generally used in transmitting power. It includes a worm wheel and a worm.

Helical Gearbox: The helical gearbox contains teeth which are cut at angles. When the two teeth of the helical gear system come in contact they gradually start rotating, eventually gaining speed. This step by step engagement makes the gears operate very smoothly. For this quality of the helical gearbox it is used in almost every car transmission. Devices which use these gears contain bearings which are capable of supporting thrust loads. These gears are characterized with higher load capacity. They have perpendicular shafts and contain long and strong teeth.

Gearboxes use gears, gear trains providing speed and torque conversions from various kinds of rotating power source to other devices. Gearboxes increase the engine torque. These are used to enable a neutral position. They are even used to enable reverse speed.

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