Gandhi Family – Political Symbol of India

Which are the most famous people in India? Who are these people that each person on the street knows well and each one likes? Do such people exist at all?
Actually they do. These are the film actors in India. They are very rich, beautiful and popular. All the people like them and there is a simple and obvious reason for that – they simply play well. However, there are several more people who are pretty popular in India and these are the Gandhi family. They are all politics and a wonderful example of traditions in politics. This family has many members who are popular with their actions – Radjiv, Sonia, Indira Gandhi are only part of this amazing family. You can call them Kennedy family in India.

Who are these people?

The first popular member of the family was Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru who was father of Indira Gandhi and grandfather of Rajiv Gandhi. They all were prime ministers of India as the last two were assassinated. Today the widow of mr. Rajiv Gandhi – Sonia Ghandi and her son mr. Rahul Gandhi have brilliant political carriers and according to some people mr. Rahul Gandhi will be the next prime minister of India, which you should not find surprising knowing his family tree. However, as all the other popular and strong people, this family has many enemies. This fact is supported by the two assassinations of Indira and her son.

I should mention also, that this family has nothing in common with the revolutionist Mahatma Gandhi.

So, if you want to understand more about this family, simply call India and talk with the people there, I am sure that they will have something to say on this subject. You only have to be patient enough.

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