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According to the National Traffic Safety Administration, underage (under 21 years of age) drunk drivers are responsible for 13% of the fatalities caused drunk drivers in the U.S. The onus is on the law enforcement agencies to bring this down. You may be innocent and still booked under Broward drunk driving prevention squad. This has been known to happen. The law enforcement may err on the side of caution. Your Ft Lauderdale drunk driving attorney can get you out of the situation without any blemishes on your record.

Circumstances of arrest

Things are not always what they seem to be. If you failed the blood alcohol content (BAC) test and are arrested for DUI get in touch with a Ft Lauderdale drunk driving attorney immediately. The complexities of the law for drunk driving necessitates the involvement of a competent and skilled Broward drunk driving lawyers to make a difference in the outcome of your case. Whether you should plead guilty or not depends on the circumstances of your arrest.
• Were you behind the wheel with the ignition turned off?
• Were you merely sleeping off your inebriation in your car?
• Were the keys in your pocket rather than the ignition when you were arrested?
An experienced Ft Lauderdale drunken driving attorney can show the court that you were not actually driving when you were arrested and therefore not in danger of losing control.

Improper Administration of Tests

A golden rule is never to refuse a breath analyser test. Driving is a privilege that comes with an implied consent. This means you can’t say no to a state-administered test to determine your BAC. If you refuse, your license may be suspended as per Broward drunk driving laws. So, intoxicated or not, don’t refuse the test. A competent attorney can prove your innocence by questioning the way sobriety tests were administered.

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