Floor Tiles Adhesive and How to Remove It

The cold winter days make some people install carpets in their homes as they make the house look cosier and warmer. Especially if you have lived in a house with ceramic tiles flooring, then the soft carpet will seem very comfortable for you. The hardest one of all steps you need to take to get there is the removing of the tiles adhesive. Let’s see how is this going to happen.

I will skip talking about the procedure you need to do to remove the tiles themselves and will tell you more about the adhesive removing because you most probably don’t plan to remove tiles by yourself, right? This is a task for your rubbish removals and they can handle it very well. You just have to remove the glue before installing the carpet.

Consider how large is the area you need to clean. For smaller areas, it will be enough to use a steamer. But if the area is larger, then you need to buy stronger adhesive remover to apply in advance in order to soften the glue. There is no way to be useless.

Before applying the cleaning product, you have to clean the place, which means to sweep thoroughly and remove any small particles and dust from the floor. If you don’t do that, the adhesive removing is going to be harder than you think. Use gloves when applying the remover on the floor and be careful because many adhesive removing products can be very harmful. Most of them also need to stay for a while on the floor in order to soften the glue. It is enough to read the instructions.

Book a rubbish clearance company in advance. There is another option and it is to pay extra the service which is going to remove the tiles. This way they can remove both the tiles and the adhesive you want to get rid of. Make a solution of hot warm water and liquid soap and wash the floor in the end. Wait to get dry and make sure there is no adhesive left.

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