First-time Moving: Move in with Boyfriend Part 2

In the first part of this article we’ve discussed one of the biggest mistakes that women do when they’re moving in with a boyfriend – spending too much time together. You’ve discovered how to handle this problem and you’ve learned how to turn it your benefit. Do you want to know which are the other traps of living together for a first time?


Are you a bit messy? Can your boyfriend find your stuff everywhere? This is another great mistake. There is no doubt that you’ll need much more space for your clothes because perhaps you have 78 different tops and he has only 5 but this doesn’t mean that he doesn’t deserve his own shelf in a wardrobe. Try to leave some space in the house where he can keep his own stuff. A garage, a basement and a lumber room – by default they are men’s territory so just resist temptation and don’t fill them with your belongings, don’t arrange them and never (I’ll repeat it – NEVER) quarrel with your boyfriend how messy is there. In the end, you don’t invite nobody there so let your man make as much mess as he wants there. Trust me, this will save you a lot of hassle…


Another problem which must be sorted out before starting to look for a man and van in London, is how you’ll share expenses. Now we don’t talk about a bill for a dinner but about some more serious outgoes. Have you discussed how will you pay utility bills, a rent and so on? Believe me, this isn’t just a trifling detail but a serious issue that can cause you a lot of trouble! It isn’t worth hiring even the best man with van in London if you didn’t solve this problem with your partner.

There are a lot of traps which you must consider before moving in with your boyfriend. Always bear in mind that sharing the same house or flat doesn’t mean at all that nothing can ruin your relationship. It’s only up to you will you succeed to turn this decision to the best thing your life or to a nightmare!

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