First-time Moving: Move in with Boyfriend Part 1

Has he proposed you to live together? You must be so happy… But are you ready for that? What should you know if you’re planning to move in with your boyfriend?

Living together is a big step which can turn your life upside down. Most girls make a great mistake thinking that if their boyfriend offered them to share a house or a flat, they’ll be together forever and nothing will change this. Actually it’s exactly the opposite! There is no doubt that this is a wonderful opportunity to strengthen your relationship but at the same time there is high risk to ruin it too. So… how can you make the most of this chance and turn it to the best decision in yours and your boyfriend’s (let’s not forget him) life?

By some researches if you succeed to pass the first six months of living together without splitting up, then it’s almost sure that this won’t happen later. That’s why you shouldn’t overlook moving in with your partner.

Personal time

Some women (let’s be honest, it’s mostly a women’s fault) are so obsessed with their boyfriends. And perhaps this is the mainspring for most breakups. Don’t act like them! You’re living together but it doesn’t mean that you have to spend 24 hours in conjunction. Before selecting a man and van in London, you must discuss that with your partner. For example, you can dedicate one night weekly to your friends. He can go out to the pub with his mates while you’re having a girls night out. This won’t only give you some personal time but also will strengthen your relationship, will increase the trust between you and your partner and will help him to realize that he has made the right choice with you.

There are few other things that you have to consider before hiring the best man with van in London. Do you want to understand what are they? Find out in the second part of this article.

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