Filtered Water Coolers for You…Because Staying Healthy is the Way to Be

One cannot deny the importance of a water cooler which fulfils our drinking water needs. But because of the increasing level of pollution, the level of contaminants and toxins in water has also been increasing. This highlights the importance of water filters that provide purified, contaminant-free drinking water that minimises the probability of suffering from water-borne diseases.

Its irrefutable benefits make a water cooler with built-in filtration system a preferred choice over water taps and water bottles. Water filters can be in-built or attached separately with the water coolers to supply chilled and clean drinking water. While separate water coolers have their own benefits, built-in water filters are preferred by most people for being cost-effective and convenient.

There are different types of water filters available in the market and are meant to address varied needs of customers. Let us discuss these types and when to use them-

1. Activated Carbon Water Filters- These filters are generally used to improve the taste and odour of the water. They work by removing carbon particles that are absorbed by the carbon filters. The carbon filters are best used for removing harmful chemicals and pesticide residues.

2. Distillers- Through the process of distillation, water is heated to the extent it is vaporised and bacteria, minerals and most other substances are left behind. Though distillers separate these substances from water, they also remove all the beneficial elements from the water.

3. Reverse Osmosis (RO) Filters- The technology used in RO filters operates when two liquids of different concentrations are separated by a semi-permeable membrane. Primarily, RO system is used to desalinate seawater but is now being used to provide purified water as well.

It is important to choose a filtered water cooler carefully in order to make best use of it. One has to test the level of contamination, the space available, the number of water cooler units required, quality standards and several other factors before making a purchase.

There are numerous benefits of using filtered water coolers:

  1. You get clean and chilled potable water in a convenient manner.

  2. They are easy to use.

  3. Unlike bottled water coolers, there are no storage hassles.

  4. Low maintenance.

  5. High level of sanitation.

  6. More environment-friendly.

  7. Provides better tasting water.

  8. Removes odour.

  9. Highly cost-effective.

  10. Can reduce the risk of cancer caused by lead, which is present in contaminated water.

  11. Provides clean and purified water for cooking purposes as well.

  12. Reduces the risk of gastrointestinal disease.

  13. Eliminates the possibility of purified water getting contaminated with harmful chemicals existing in plastic water bottles.

  14. Helps in balancing the pH of drinking water and maintain the essential minerals in the water that are good for health.


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