Fast food carpet stains

“How often do you have fast food at home? How often do you order in?
Being a modern day person is often the reason to order in or just eat fast (junk) foods.
Having less and less time to cook and not having any conditions at a rented apartment is often a problem that will cause you to gain weight at a high speed.

Anyway this is not what I am going to write about now. Not that it is not an important issue, it’s just not today’s topic. What I am going to write about today is the annoying stains on the carpet that usually go with them and how is it best to deal with them.

Let’s start with ketchup. First of all you have to scrape as much as it’ possible off the carpet.
Then you have to rinse the back of the carpet or fabric with cold water. If your carpet is light coloured you can and should apply a mild bleaching agent or detergent. Rinse again and if the stain is still staying repeat the procedure until it has goes away. You can also use any other stain remover or lemon juice.  When it comes to carpet cleaning lemon juice and white vinegar are always a good thing to start with.

If even then the stain is still persisting and will not go away you should try soaking the fabric in warm water for half an hour. Then try again or call in a professional carpet cleaner to clean it for you. Usually that is what I would do because this is a way to save a lot of time, effort and money.
You might object to that but if you ruin your carpet because you tried to deal with the carpet cleaning by yourself this will surely be a lot more expensive than calling in a carpet cleaning company.

For example the professionals at Carpet Cleaning London saved me a lot of money on buying a new carpet because I would have ruined my carpet if I did what I usually do when dealing with stains.
So be smart and consider the up and down sides of my preposition. “

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