Fall Cleaning

A time seems to come in every woman’s life when she gets an uncontrollable urge to give her home a thorough cleaning. Many women still follow the old-fashioned spring and fall schedule. Spring cleaning was unavoidable many years ago when coal stoves were used all winter, coating everything with a thick, greasy dirt. Fall cleaning had to be undertaken because the windows were open all summer, letting the dust sift and settle throughout the house. They both could have been abandoned when air conditioners and central heating were installed. This tradition is especially a burden to women who work outside her home. There is just not enough time to tackle this gargantuan job, unless you use precious vacation days.

A modern alternative, and also a recommendation by professional cleaners Abbey Wood, is to clean one room thoroughly at least once a month. It is easier to remember to do this if the same day is scheduled for cleaning. Just try to reserve the first Saturday of each month for this purpose.

Rooms with a coal stove or fireplace should still be cleaned in the spring. The kitchen is the biggest job and it usually takes two days to do. It needs to be cleaned about every six months because cooking spreads greasy dirt on everything. Bathrooms may also need to be thoroughly cleaned every six months if there is a problem with mould and mildew.

You can use an ancient method to determine what room to honor each month. Just take a look around the house and decide which room is absolutely driving you crazy, then start tearing it apart. Here are some more tips on fall cleaning, shared by professional cleaners Aldersbrook.

Start with the closets and throw away or give away the clutter. Wash the shelves and then reorganize the remaining contents. If you are working in a bedroom, pull off the blankets, mattress pads, and pillows and run them through the dryer on the air-fluff cycle. Turn over the mattress. Regardless of where you are cleaning, move all furniture to one side of the room, then work on the empty side. Vacuum the drapes and sheer curtains or put them in the dryer. While the curtains are down, scrub the walls. Use the crevice tool on the vacuum cleaner to clean the edges of the carpet and the baseboards, then vacuum or sweep the floors. If the room is uncarpeted, the floors should be washed. Hardwood and other waxable floors need to be waxed under the furniture at least twice a year or they may go brittle and small cracks will form on the surface.

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