Eye Injuries due to Accidents

Eye injuries caused by trauma from accidents are among the most common kinds of eye injuries. Many of these eye injuries are caused by sports or traffic accidents, but they can also happen as the result of flying debris from wind, from working in an industrial environment or around woodworking equipment, or from other causes.

One common kind of eye injury that can happen as the result of an accident is a scratched eye, otherwise known as a corneal abrasion. Corneal abrasions are often caused by being poked in the eye or from getting debris, such as sand, in the eye. These scratches may seem minor, however it is important to get medical attention as soon as possible since a bacterial infection can set in, causing permanent damage to the eye or even blindness.

Another type of eye injury is caused by a foreign object penetrating the eye. These foreign objects can include sticks, fish hooks, and more. If you have a foreign object penetrating your eye, do not try to remove it as you may accidentally cause further damage to the eye. Instead, tape a paper cup over the eye and get immediate medical attention.

Chemical burns are another common type of accident that can cause damage to the eye. Individuals who work in industrial environments are particularly prone to chemical burns; yet, eve common household cleaners can cause chemical burns to the eye. If you have experienced a chemical burn, irrigate the eye immediately to flush as much of the chemical out of the eye as possible. After flushing the eye for at least 15 minutes, get immediate medical care.

A swollen, bruised eye, otherwise known as a “black eye” is another common eye injury. This type of injury usually results from impact to the eye when playing sports, fighting, or auto accidents. If you have a black eye, apply an ice pack to the eye. It is also a good idea to seek prompt medical attention to ensure that the eye or skull was not severely damaged as a result of the impact.

In the event of many types of eye injuries, it is a good idea to call your eye doctor for advice. He or she will be glad to give you further instructions and tell you how to proceed before you come in for an emergency eye exam. Yet, if the eye injury is severe, such as having a foreign object penetrating the eye or if the eye has come out of the socket, it is best to visit the emergency room immediately rather than call to get medical care more promptly.

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