Ever Thought Of Working As An Erotic Cleaner?

Rasheed now works as a Cleaner at the Health Club where I used to train him. In fact I helped him find his job via Floor Cleaning in South Hornchurch and Cleaners from South Harrow. He is now a man of the world though. He used to be a Lawyer.

One day after the Christmas tsunami 2004, he decide to ditch his job and go travelling round the world. The plan was to travel for two years. Some of that time would involve working for one or two Relief Organisations as a volunteer.

Most people who knew about his daring plan to bike it around Europe and Asia on a moped thought he was mad. In fact they did not believe he would quit his job. That’s a lot of money to give up, especially if you have a mortgage, but he was not married and he had some savings.

After months of travelling, he ended up in Thailand where worked for a while.

On his way back to Europe, he spent some time, working for an Erotic Cleaning company which he set up. According to him, it was pure fun, but nothing perverted. His company was called Exotique Erotique. He showed me one of his cards. There was a picture of him on the front. he was standing bare-chest, all rippled and oiled down.

Women would call him up for pre-hen night-outs and he would turn up in a long coat, wearing nothing but a grass skirt underneath. He would clean their houses whilst the women ogled at his physique and ordered him for an hour.

According to him it was a very lucrative business and although he was now looking to get back into law, he was having second thoughts about returning to Sweden.

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