Event Programs Must knows

Do you think you need Event Program Printing? Here are a few things you must know to get you by creating Event Programs.

1) Have a reason for creating one.
Here are some reasons you may need an event program:

• theater and music events
• fundraising events
• wedding, birthday family reunion events
• food events
• art exhibitions
• updates on new officers or members

2) Event Program Type
There are many ways you can do with your event program.  Three of the most commonly preferred are the booklet type for the long programs, the brochure type for the specific and short events and the catalog type for the programs with products like auctions or fund raising.

3) Covers and Binding

Covers and binding options are given to those event programs that have several more pages like the booklet type.  Binding options are normally sewn or coiled.  Covers on the other hand depends on the printers availabilities and your own choice just be sure your cover has the title of your event.

4) Paper or Boards

If you intend to use the brochure type it is best to board type to make your program sturdier but if you are using the booklet type and require quite a number of pages use the board for the cover and the paper as pages.

5) What is a paper stock
A paper stock is the plastic clear cover placed on your chosen pages specially the covers.  You have the choice of glossy or matte.  Some green friendly printing companies even have light gloss to make it easier to recycle.

6) Program Content
A few points you may want to include in your program.  Not everything written here may work well with your program so just get the ones that work with your event.

• A short introduction
Write a brief introduction on what is to happen and why this event is in place.

• How you started
You can also share a short story on how your company, couple or celebrant started way back.  This normally makes the event more personalized.  Depending on who you are doing it for like if you are doing for a company tell everyone how your small company used to have this few workers and a very small office to what is now a huge empire of success.   The same with a celebrant were you can focus on his / her cute early days to now a blooming or successful individual.

• Speakers
share a list of your speakers and a brief background on who they are or why they will be speaking at the event.

• Participants
If your participants does not fill up the entire booklet, adding participants including their contact information is a great idea so people can get back to people they made a conversation with that day.

• Event schedules
Be succinct here and make sure everything has no errors.  You must put your schedules so guests have a general idea on what is to happen and when they should expect it.  So the event and the time is important.

• Map
Should your event be big, it is highly suggested that you map out where everything is like the registration, toilets, seating area etc are.  This will help them know where they are going without having to talk to ushers and ask where they should go.

• Milestones
A line of the great events or memorable happenings put together to create a short story to share is a great content to put in your program.

• Testimonials
Have people write about what they think of your company’s anniversary or your celebrant’s birthday.  This also gives your program more interaction between guests and celebrants.

• Acknowledgements
Apart from the VIPs you can acknowledge people who have helped you along the way like employees, assistants or event organizers etc.  Sometimes it is also good to acknowledge the hard work of your subordinates.

• VIPs
Are there special people coming? Acknowledge them and make them feel special.

• Sponsors
If you have several sponsors it is highly suggested that you thank them in your program so make sure you include this in your content.  Make them feel that you are very much grateful for their help.

Event programs are easy if you have all the data available, so be sure that your event is organized already before finalizing your event program printing.  Once everything is printing, its final.

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