Event Program Printing 101

Event program printing is available with almost any printer, it is their quality that totally differs so be careful in choosing the right printer for your event program needs.  Your printers must be reliable and very professional not only with their printing quality but also with their customer service and after sales service.

Here are a few reasons you may need an event program for:

1) theater and music events
2) fundraising events
3) wedding, birthday family reunion events
4) food events
5) art exhibitions
6) updates on new officers or members

Before you head on out the door for your printing here are a few things to consider:

1) Event
Know your event.  All the information you can possibly put together for your program do it.  By understanding and knowing your event, you can easily piece together almost everything for your printing.  Do a little research as well on what other people may have done on programs akin to yours.

2) Content
There are a lot of things you can include in your program.  Not in any specific order here are the possible contents you might want to include in your program:

• introduction (why you are making this)
• how you started
• speakers
• participants
• schedule of events
• map of area
• milestones
• testimonials from friends or important clients
• acknowledgments
• list of important individuals for that event
• sponsors

3) Type of event program (brochure type, catalogs or booklet type)

There are different event programs prints you can choose from the most common are the brochure type for the short program, the catalogs for auctions or exhibitions or the booklet type for the programs that require audience participation and guides to help your guests go through the process.

4) Covers
If you are choosing the booklet type, you will be given a choice for the covers, it would be best though if you choose a board to cover your booklets instead of just all paper.  This will protect your papers and give it longer life.

5) Binding

the same with covers, you will need to choose the binding method if you want to use the booklet type of program.  Commonly it is either stitched or bound with coils like that of your regular notebooks.  If you have other binding methods in mind, ask your printer first if its feasible and if it works with your budget.

6) Paper or board
If you use a brochure type it may be best to use a sturdier paper like the boards but the normal paper will also do if you are in a tight budget and is required to print quite a few.

7) Paper stock
Paper stock is your lamination or the protection place usually on your covers which are either gloss or matte.  You can also choose to leave it as it is if you prefer to be eco-friendly.

Event programs are mostly used for more formal events so make sure your programs are made that way as well.  Event program printing is a good way to let your guests understand what is to happen on the event without you having to explain to them all the time.  So make sure everything everyone needs to know are all there for everyone to see.

For more easy tips and wise ideas about cost effective and impressive print materials visit: event program.



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