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Parties are the great urban time-efficient escape from the work-choked metro lives. After a strenuous week of work, a full-fledged weekend away at maybe a wedding or a farm house is just what the doctor ordered. It is our excuse to indulge in the great urban addiction of shopping. Parties are not just being an escapade from work but they are healthy way periodic social interaction and fun and frolic. And on top of all these, it is also about looking smashing, about stealing the show, about being elegant, feminine and being oneself.

Evening wear comes in a variety of forms, from the adventurous ones to the haute couture kinds, from being age-specific to mood-specific, from being season-specific to colour-specific, from retro to contemporary, from prints to embroidery; ball gowns and evening wear are spoiling people for choices with the range and variety that we see around. Provided with these myriad choices it is very important to base our choice of evening wear not on simply the current fad but also on the occasion, one’s preferences and one’s silhouette. Increasingly we find that ball gowns and evening wear is becoming very occasion specific and season specific. Also with theme parties and the inherent habit of people to experiment with their looks, evening wear enjoys a special distinction in the party preparations. Well we are not really oblivious to the ‘safe’ basic black dress when it comes to making a hasty choice of what evening wear to wear but still the pre-party ball gown shopping is still an important indulgent exercise which needs time and some amount of thought. An off-shoulder ball gown to maybe flaunt those collar bones, a halter neck ball gown to highlight the arms and the shoulders, the arrogant red evening wear for a change; there are many considerations to make the occasion and age appropriate choice with due considerations to the on-going trend.

A good evening wear gives you confidence and makes all the difference in the party in addition to  helping you get all the eyeballs and the ooh and aahs. With different kinds of occasions propping up, from official parties to weddings to get-togethers to anniversaries, the evening wear market has become versatile and offers ranges not just in terms of styling but also in terms of budget. From all occasion ‘safe bets’ to extremely occasion specific customized haute couture, ball gown are of every kind. So what makes you stand out? It is only and only the right choice with respect to styling, colour, age, occasion and season. Is it going to corset or an all evening one, will it be the basic black or a more adventurous one, will it be silk or satin; you will be defined by your choice of evening wear and it is important in such cases to make the right choice.

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