Essential iPhone Mobile VoIP Apps

Without the doubt one of the most useful features of modern day mobile phones is that they support the use of mobile VoIP apps which provides users with the chance to make free and cheap calls to anywhere and anyone they like over the internet. As the most popular example of smartphones, the iPhone probably supports the biggest collection of mobile VoIP apps.

The list of apps that can be installed on iPhone, or any other Apple device using the famous iOS mobile system is long. Still, only few of the available mobile VoIP apps are worth mentioning. Most apps work in the same ways, but offer different functionality and services. All of the apps provide an alternative to the services offered by the mobile operator. However, because these apps use internet and data connection to make the calls, their telecommunication services are cheaper than those of the mobile operators.

Here are few of the most popular mobile VoIP apps available for iPhone and some of their most useful features:

Skype – probably the most popular VoIP application in the world available not only for computers but the majority of mobile operating systems as well. Skype provides its users with the chance to make free Skype-to-Skype audio and video calls or by using the SkypeOut service to call Spain phone and mobile phones. Skype also supports such features as instant messaging, voicemail, file sharing, group chat and so on. Similar apps Nimbuzz, Fring, etc.

Viber – in contrast to Skype, Viber does not support the service making calls to landline or mobile phones. However, Viber can be used for free calls between users using this app. The difference with Skype is that you don’t even have to add contacts to a list to be able to contact them. Viber will show you automatically which of your contacts are using the apps so that you can call them instantly for free, but you won’t be able to call United Arab Emirates or any other country phone and mobile numbers .

Tango – another useful mobile VoIP app which is optimized especially for video calling. This app supports cross-platform calling which means that iPhone user can contact an Android phone user or PC user. Apple have their own service available for iPhone which resembles Tango in many ways. It is called FaceTime and it is available only for Apple products.

Line 2 – an app with monthly subscription fee of 10$. What is so different about this app compared to the other iPhone apps is the fact that it provides the user with additional number to the one already offered by the mobile operator. This app is especially useful for businessmen and people who want to use two numbers on one device. Line 2 also provides the user with the chance to call Spain or any other international destination on cheaper rates than the ones offered by the mobile operator.

The iPhone and its operating system support a lot of mobile VoIP apps which provide the users with a lot of features like making free calls to other users using the same apps, or making cheap calls to landline and mobile numbers, or making video calls, or send text messages and so on and so on.

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